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Utsav 2024

True to our tradition and continuous endeavour to support cultural programmes and performing arts, we are organizing a cultural extravaganza ' The Uthishta Utsav 2024' on 17th of February, 2024 at New Horizon Public School, Indiranagar, Bangalore. As part of the programme, we have arranged  Folk Dances of Karnataka and   A Dance Presentation   by well-known artists in the respective area which we believe will entertain and enthuse the audience well during this cultural evening, Uthishta Utsav.

Dr. Methil Devika & Team

Presenting a Captivating Dance Extravaganza


Yakshagana Puppets

by Ramesh Kv & team


Time: 6:00pm
Date: 17- February-2024 (Saturday)
Venue:New Horizon Public School
100ft  Road, Indiranagar.




Yakshagana Puppets

by Ramesh Kv & team

“Yakshagana Puppets” Yakshagana Puppets is an audio-visual folk art, which is very popular in the southern part of coastal Karnataka and Kerala.

The dying art of string puppet play of Karnataka and Kasargod has turned interesting with the combination of the highly difficult form of folk art Yakshagana, which is similar in many ways to terukkoothu of Tamil Nadu, koodiyattam and chakyarkuttu of Kerala and veethinataka of Andhra Pradesh.

According to K V Ramesh, there were around 100 Yakshagana puppet troupes in 1910-1915 period in Kasargod and Dakshin Kannada district but the number diminished to only two now, including K V Ramesh’s troupe Shri Gopalakrishna Yakshagana Bombeyata Sangha.

“We usually present episodes from Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagawatham. Different characters are represented by the colourful costumes of these puppets,” he said.

K V Ramesh also said that the art has existed for more than two centuries and Parthi Subba of Kumble is known as the father of the artform.

“In Yakshagana, the story is narrated through systematic singing in chorus, accompanied by percussion instruments, and has dance too. Though sound is played in background, wooden puppets-inert and lifeless-are brought to a lifelike serious performance by well-trained men and women, pouring forth in dance, song and dialogue the whole range of human emotions and passions.

Not only this, K V Ramesh also prepares the wooden puppets, which are 18 inches tall, at home.

“I learned the artfrom from my father K Vekitakrishnaiah, our family presents puppet shows from generations,” K V Ramesh said.

Shri Gopalakrishna Yakshagana Bombeyata Sangha was established in 1981. According to Ramesh, there were eight troupes in the region then.

But Uppinakudru in Kundapura is the only other puppet show troupe surviving in the region now.

The troupe has toured all over India and many foriegn places including Lahore, Paris, Dubai and Prague, Czech Republic over the years. They have also won the best traditional puppet performer award in Prague in 2010.

K V Ramesh now plans a puppet museum near his house at Pulikunnu. He owns more than 1,000 puppets. He also provides training in puppetery for school children during vacations.




Dr. Methil Devika & Team

Presenting a Captivating Dance Extravaganza

Dr. Methil Devika has been an active practitioner and contributor to the dance form of Mohiniyattam for the past two decades. She is a recipient of two national awards, two state awards and the coveted ‘Best Dancer Award’ from The Madras Music Academy. Her recent puraskar was the Dakshinamurthy

Puraskar which she received alongwith Pandit Sri Hariprasad Chaurasia and Sri Sivamani. As a recognition to innovative interpretation of esoteric practices, her archival film ‘Sarpatatwam’ was voted into the Oscar award contention list in 2018. Her Acharyas were Girija Chandran and Kalamandalam Leelamma for Mohiniyattam, and Nelliyode Vasudevan Namboothiri and Kalaimamani S. Natarajan for other styles.

Devika’s global commissioned work include Ahalya - Reflections in Solitude, Navavaranam - The Divine Matrix, Peelipattu (The Song of the Feather), Sthalapuranas (local legends), and Uchchila (a work blending dance, Sanskrit theatre and the ritualistic theyyam).


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