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Sponsor a child - Our Request

Dear Sir/Madam,

We hope you and family are safe and sound during this difficult times of Covid situation around us.

Uthishta a nonprofit volunteering platform started by a bunch of self-inspired professionals in Bangalore, believes in being the change that we wish to see in society. Support from volunteers and well-wishers has transformed our humble initiatives into impactful and sustainable programs for society.

UNICEF has placed education among the most important sustainable development goals owing to its potential for transformative changes in society. Education has consequential multiplier effects on sanitation, livelihood, population control and participation in economy. Research has time and again indicated that financial constraints are the major impediment to continuing education. We also see various reports pointing to the lack of focus on child education due to the financial burden of middle class families.

Uthishta’s “Sponsor a child’ program is into its eighth year and aims to support 100 plus children for continuing their education. Along with primary up to high schools, we are also supporting 30 students in job oriented or professional courses. The carefully selected beneficiaries include children from tribal hamlets, orphanages and underprivileged sections of society.   

Last year was very fluidic situation and we did not approach for support due to uncertainties. This year we already have requests to support children we developed over past 7 years. We have already provided some mobile devices for online classes, but we look forward for your continued support. There is a possibility of children dropping off due to such difficulties.

We shall update you with progress of students periodically. Below is the expense per student including books, tuition fees and other accessories for them. We request you to generously support this noble cause. Also, we support higher education of eligible students from the underprivileged families.

  • Annual Education Expenditure for a Girl Child: Rs. 7500/-
  • Annual Education Expenditure for a Boy Child: Rs. 7000/-
  • Annual Education Expenditure for a Higher Education student : Rs. 15000/-

Let us come together to make a difference.




Our Inspiration

Swami Vivekananda

"In this world always take the position of the giver. Give everything and look for no returns. Give love, give help, give service, give any little thing you can, but keep out barter. Make no conditions and none will be imposed. Let us give out of our own bounty, just as God gives to us.”