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Mission Umbrella 2023: Providing Tarpaulins to Support Tribals During Monsoon

Join us for Mission Umbrella 2023, an initiative dedicated to providing essential support to tribal communities during the challenging monsoon season. Our primary focus is to distribute tarpaulins, offering immediate protection and relief to those most affected by the heavy rainfall.

The monsoon season brings forth significant challenges for tribal communities, leaving them vulnerable to displacement, health issues, and the loss of livelihood. Insufficient shelter exposes them to the harsh elements, putting their well-being at risk. Mission Umbrella 2023 aims to address this urgent need by providing tarpaulins, a simple yet effective solution that can make a substantial impact.

Description of Goods:

  • Dimensions: 18 feet x 24 feet
  • Thickness: 150 Micron

Uthishta is reaching out to you with a request to support this urgent cause. We request you to support these 1000 families with an estimated cost of Rs. 11,40,000 (Rs 1140.00/ per tarpaulin).

How You Can Help:

  1. Donate: Your financial contribution will enable us to procure tarpaulins and distribute them to tribal communities in need. Every donation, no matter the amount, will contribute towards shielding vulnerable families from the monsoon's adverse effects.

  2. Volunteer: Join our team of dedicated volunteers and actively participate in the distribution of tarpaulins. Your time and presence will provide much-needed assistance and bring comfort to those affected.

  3. Spread Awareness: Share the mission of Mission Umbrella 2023 with your network. By raising awareness about the challenges faced by tribal communities during the monsoon and our efforts to support them, you can inspire others to join us in this noble cause.

Together, let's create a protective umbrella of compassion and care for the tribal communities during this challenging time. Through unity and empathy, we can make a tangible difference and uplift those who need it most.

Join us in Mission Umbrella 2023 and help provide essential support to tribal communities. Together, we can bring hope, protection, and relief during the monsoon season.

Thank you for your support and commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of tribal communities.

Our Inspiration

Swami Vivekananda

"In this world always take the position of the giver. Give everything and look for no returns. Give love, give help, give service, give any little thing you can, but keep out barter. Make no conditions and none will be imposed. Let us give out of our own bounty, just as God gives to us.”