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Medical emergency these days is truly a shocker for most families, primarily for its prohibitive levels of financial impact as well as other complexities involving the choice of appropriate hospitals, identifying doctors of required expertise and specialization, ensuring timely logistic support, etc. Uthishta extends its helping hand to the disadvantaged who are facing such dire medical emergency situations.

Uthishta received request for support for a medical case of emergency nature, and decided to take it up. It is for Smt.

 Dr Sibin handing over a cheque of Rs. 1 Lakh from Uthishta as medical assistance to Manisha’s father Mohanan.

Arun medical help

Handover of contribution towards the treatment of Kumari Vandana Sreekanth.

Our Inspiration

Swami Vivekananda

"In this world always take the position of the giver. Give everything and look for no returns. Give love, give help, give service, give any little thing you can, but keep out barter. Make no conditions and none will be imposed. Let us give out of our own bounty, just as God gives to us.”